The best travel blogs in the world offer amazing travel tips, photography, and video content. Top travel bloggers tend to be passionate writers and storytellers, offering helpful advice and inspiration to get travelers excited to explore new places. But which blogs about travel are top notch? Read on to find out!

I consider myself to be a great travel blogger, but there are so many others with unique perspectives and stories. While I’ve seen and experienced so much, I’m not an expert in all destinations and topic areas. As a 29-year old man, I don’t cover niche areas like family travel and woman travel like other travel blogs can. For these reasons, I am super excited to share my favorite travel blogger websites around the world, ranging from solo travelers and backpackers to family adventure blogs and luxury jetsetters. These trailblazers have inspired me to get out and travel, and I’m confident they will fuel your wanderlust, too!

Looking to follow some of the best travel bloggers in 2023? From mainstream vacation bloggers to digital storytellers focusing on hidden gems, here’s my list of the top 13 best blogs about travel.

1. Dan Flying Solo

Dan is one of the best travel bloggers in the world, hands down. Born and raised in the UK, he is an incredible writer and photographer whose work has been featured in many major publications, including Travel + Leisure and National Geographic. I would be remiss if I covered the best blogs on travel without mentioning him.

I had the privilege and pleasure of meeting Dan on a press trip in Aruba back in 2018, and we’ve been friends ever since. Dan covers a variety of exotic destinations on his travel blog, Dan Flying Solo, with a focus on lesser-known places. In addition to his blog, Dan is a Lonely Planet Ambassador and contributor to the company’s guidebooks.

2. Y Travel Blog

Looking to follow one of the top family and adventure travel blogs? Meet Caz and Craig Makepeace, the writers and photographer behind Y Travel Blog.

Born in the Central Coast of Australia, this Aussie couple has lived in five countries and now reside in North Carolina. They jet set all over the world with their two daughters, sharing tips and inspo from their travel adventures.

I met Caz on a press trip in Northern California a few months ago and have thoroughly enjoyed following her family’s adventurers ever since. There content isn’t just a highlight reel, either. In addition to sharing breathtaking and inspiring travel content, they also share the challenges they encounter along the way, as well as raw and authentic experiences that you don’t typically get with other vacation bloggers. I really admire their work and I think you will, too!

3. Travel Tom Tom

Travel bloggers can wear many hats – ranging from informational and enlightening to funny and entertaining. Fortunately, Travel Tom Tom gives his audience the best of both worlds. This Dutch blogger (and vlogger) has been traveling the world continuously since 2012, visiting 147 countries and sharing many serendipitous moments and laughs along the way.

I’m a huge fan of this guy. He’s one of the very few travel bloggers that shares his travel experiences in a raw and authentic way. He doesn’t sugarcoat anything – he will challenge your beliefs and show you things that are uncomfortable (i.e. tourist scams and culturally sensitive topics) – all while getting lost in exotic places and dancing with locals. I encourage everyone with a sense of humor to check out his page (his IG shows his personality much more than his website). If you’re looking to live vicariously through someone else’s adventures, Travel Tom Tom is your man!

4. The Planet D

For adventure seekers, The Planet D is one of the best travel blogs out there. Dave and Deb are an award-winning travel duo based in Canada and have visited more than 110 countries. They write comprehensive travel guides and itineraries, which I’ve used to plan my own travels around the world.

In addition to their helpful travel tips, Dave and Deb are also amazing photographers, sharing breathtaking images and videos on their blog and social media channels. Through their informative and inspirational travel content, The Planet D Adventure Travel Blog has enriched millions of people’s lives around the globe. So, it’s no wonder they are considered among the best blogs for travel!

5. The Blonde Abroad

For solo female travelers, it doesn’t get any better than The Blonde Abroad. But even if you don’t fit that description, you’ll still find plenty of value when reading this famous travel blog.

As the founder of The Blonde Abroad, Kiki provides amazing travel tipshow-to-guides, and photo/video content from her trips around the world. In addition to the rich content, her travel website also has a beautiful design. Everything is so creatively laid out, that you can’t help but feel happy and inspired as you scroll through her travel blog.

If you’re looking for a top-notch travel blog with useful tips and an amazing aesthetic, look no further!


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